Filing a Tax return in 2020? Here's what you should know!



The Pay and File Deadline for Self-assessed Income Tax Return is 31st October 2020.

However, on 17/09/2020 Revenue announced a further extension to the Pay and File deadline. Revenue announced a four-week further extension to the Pay & File deadline for those who file online.

For customers who file their 2019 Self-assessed Income Tax Return and make the appropriate payment through online in respect of Preliminary Tax for 2020 and any Income Tax balance due for 2019, the due date is now further extended from 12 November 2020 to Thursday, 10 December 2020.

Revenue has also extended the due date for beneficiaries who received gifts or inheritances with valuation dates in the year ended 31 August 2020. Such beneficiaries now have until 10 December to make a Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) return and the appropriate payment through ROS.

In order to qualify for the extension, customers must both pay and file online, otherwise, the relevant return and payment are due no later than 31 October 2020.


Self-employed individuals, contractors, subcontractors(RCT), Freelancers, Landlords, and employees with additional income or shares are required to file an income tax returns in Ireland. If you are a chargeable person you must self-assess. Self-assessment is where you are responsible for making your own assessment of tax due.

Who is a chargeable person?

You are a chargeable person if you have a PAYE source of income and, either: Net assessable non-PAYE income (including income subject to DIRT) of €5,000 or more in a year or Total gross income from non-PAYE sources (including income subject to DIRT), of €30,000 or more in a year. This applies even if you have no tax liability on this income because it is covered or largely covered by losses, capital allowances, and other reliefs. If you are a chargeable person you must self-assess and file a Form 11 for the relevant year. From 2014 if you are a chargeable person you must also pay PRSI at Class K on your assessable income.


At Taxreturned.ie we provide income tax return service across Ireland to self-employed people, contractors, subcontractors(RCT), Freelancers, Landlords and employees with additional income or shares. We provide FREE TAX ASSESSMENT to those who apply to us online, allowing our clients to choose to file with us or not. Our service is fully online, low cost, GDPR compliant, and hassle-free. We will also make sure that you receive the maximum tax credits.

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